Cherish those who seek the truth ;

But be weary of those who find it. 

Unfathomable compartmentalization of the instruments of our Liberation. 

Truth, truth, truth, truth. Without me their can be no true freedom, without me their is only but meaninglessness and manipulations. They fight this cold war.

These old weapons with lies and deceit. Where shall we go we who wander this wastelands in search of our betterselves.

You will know the truth and it will set you free. 

The motto adorns our walls but does not permeate the crevices of our souls. Shape the truth to our desires not our desires to the truth. Like the knife in the woods, the Good in us is being hunted and we are haunted over our Castles on the Hills. 

The sons of anarchy had their ways to the Golden sand on the plains of morrow, to furrow out their world on the Far East Coast side of the moon, where serpentine creatures dwelth.. An animal that has its tail in its mouth ; A degraded Animal that not only kill others but devours its flesh.. We are all Headed to the very Coldest Pits of Dante’s Infernal Hell.. 

To reminisce on the Mistakes of the Nostalgia we Left for Frivolous Unrealities… 


Unleavened Testimony 

​Stumbled into the sands of Life, 

Where Saints and scorpions dwelt 

Life was not lived with ease

Because there lied the six degrees of separation. 

That made the lunatic, a logician

The poems read were sweet like vinegar 

The moon losses its shine to the lunatics. 

The universe was lost in the woods of the sun

The tides became tired of the seas

Man became afraid of humanity 

Vice was loved over virtue 

Virtue was exiled perpetually to the peak of uncertainty 

To trade with the evils of the underworld 

But evidence was like vouchers because it came back triumphant. 

Love turned its back on us 

And lust look over our unborn 

Even though unborn, unbounded were the ways they fought back for the unfathomable. 

Unfamiliar were their ways because they fought for our survival. 
Came out just now…  Justified its way to justice..  With the unlimited number of humanities Humility that was drenched with humidity of Uncertainties….